“ Lefèvre is a pianist who breaks the mold. His performance of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto was musically arresting from the start – a triumphant debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra … Lefèvre brought a sense of occasion and magic to the evening, with his own compositions – Balalaïka – as an encore. The audience loved it.”

International PIANO, London

I was four years old when I first sat down at the piano. Still today, my daily rendez-vous are shared with Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, and so many others... Unfailingly they are there waiting for me, demanding, listening each and every day to my finger gymnastics. Each time, I have to surpass myself and transcend their scores on the stages of the world. Always, I strive to deliver the purest essence of these great composers. Quite a challenge. I would close a window on the world, if I didn't find my own heartbeat, my release, in the rigorous discipline that is the hallmark of classical music.

So, composing came as a natural step, a new breathing, musically setting down my anxieties, joys, sorrows, disappointments, dreams, expectations and happiness. I was fifteen when a first musical theme made its way from the inner workings of my mind to the forefront of my thoughts. Since then, some thirty works which I have composed, rest in my piano bench as well as in the closets of my mind. Impressions and memories of all my travels while touring, were always a great source of inspiration, may it be in a new encounter, a  laughter, a sigh, a smile, a sadness, a victory. Every little detail talks to my senses, a perfume, a color, a note, a landscape. With my compositions, I felt like breaking a silence and give another voice to the words and images of my life.

Alain Lefèvre

After having heard Alain Lefèvre’s Impressions Hélléniques in recital, a cycle of three works inspired by Greece, Ilios, Thalassa and Anemos, the Artistic Direction of the Megaron (Athens Concert Hall), commissioned him with three pieces.  Taking the form of Preludes, La Callas, Petite mère and Vingt ans, were premiered at the prestigious Megaron on November 24th 2005, in the Great Interpreters Series.  All three CDs of compositions, Lylatov, Carnet de notes and Fidèles Insomnies (Blissfully Sleepless) were saluted by the press and have had an incredible following since their release, always topping the charts as they come out. Blissfully Sleepless won a Felix (ADISQ) in 2007, for Best Instrumental Album of the Year.

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